Monday, 13 August 2012

Later, Jamaica, Me Soon Come Back

Tonight is my last night in Jamaica. I cannot believe I am leaving already! I've had such a wonderful experience here, I'm already looking forward to coming back. I have had so much fun and learned much more than I thought I would. I'm truly greatful for everyone here who has made my past two months the most amazing summer I have ever had. Thanks to everyone who has read this blog; I hope you learned a cool fact or two about bees! I know my time working with bees is far from over so if any one wants to play around with some bees--hit me up! In closing, here are a few lists I have been keeping that describe my summer in part:

My Summer in Numbers:

Days: 59
Wild colonies removed: 9

Hives constructed: 20

Colonies in hives: 15

Bee stings: 1
Bees chillin in my veil: 1 (but no sting!)
Personal queen catches: 1

People in town: ~100
People at home: 9-16
Hikes to Black Sand Beach/waterfall: 3

Most people on said hike: 24
Trips to the Kingston market: 4

Drill bits broken: 2
Meals with meat: 8

Average bedtime: 9:00 pm
Hurricanes survived: 0-2
Pages read: 3578
Guineps eaten: 1 million

Mosquito bites: 1 million
Brutally murdered cockroaches: 7
Cockroaches that fell from the ceiling: 1
Snakes seen: 1

Puzzles completed: 2
Marriage proposals: 1
Varieties of mangos eaten: >10
Mangoes that fell on my head: 0
Bullfrogs stepped on: 0
Cups of noni juice: .5

Things I Haven't Done in Two Months:
Used a mirror
Worn makeup
Eaten eggs
Watched TV
Heard Call Me Maybe
Slept with more than a thin sheet
Taken a shower indoors
Gone a day without seeing a goat
Worn a real bra for more than a few hours
Seen a Starbucks
Used a doorknob

The animal I will miss least: biting ants (why can't you be more like the running ants?)
The animal I will miss most: the bees!

Later Jamaica, me soon come back.

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