Sunday, 12 August 2012

I'm Finna Eat Some Hella Tasty Noms, Chuck

A small assortment of the delicious foods I have been eating during my stay! The family I'm staying with keeps vegan (except for honey!) so I've mostly eaten vegan since being here. It's been a totally different experience but not bad in the slightest. I'm definitely going to miss the meals and all the new and different fruits I've been eating.

Mangoes, a little messy!


Roasting breadfruit

Ackee (with the posion still inside)


Jackfruit tree

Erin's baby jackfruit



Noonie, which is made into a very healthy, if pungent, juice

Fried dumplings, ackee, broccoli, cabbage salad



Sweet potato pudding

Another jelly! (I don't think you're ready for this jelly)

And another! (the best break-time snack)

More chocolate!

Fried plantains, callaloo

Green beans, beans, ackee, Irish (potatoes)

Johnny cakes (banana pancakes), Irish


Cowboy pineapples!

Ackee, breadfruit

100 lbs of watermelon!

Fried breadfruit, callaloo

Jerk chicken, Red Stripe

Stages of a guinep




I did not eat this, but Erin and I found it in the supermarket and though it was funny. We are 12.

Bread, salad, pear (avocado), beans

Rice, ackee

Jamaican apples

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